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  • Katy Winter

Wrapping up 2021

Holiday season is over. January is the signal that it’s time to Wrap It Up and put away the holiday cheer. Putting in the work now to pack up the holiday items efficiently and methodically will save so much time and energy later. Here is my list of organizer DIY packing tips for holiday decor.

  • Separate your decor into categories. Some families decorate by floor or room. A two story house, for example, may have separate first story and second story decorations. Some common categories are: table top decor, linens, snow globes or fragile items, tree decor, holiday wrapping, wreaths, outdoor lights and extension cords.

  • A major fundamental of organization is labeling! Now that you have categories, put the like items together in your storage bins. And label, label, label.

  • Now that the holidays have passed, you may have a lot of empty wine boxes ready to go to recycling. Think again! Store ornaments and fragile items store well in a divided wine box. Make sure to wrap each individual ornament in some of your leftover tissue paper.

  • Wrap your lights around a piece of flat cardboard. This will be so useful next November when you take it out. Untangling lights is an unpleasant chore.

  • Use a clear garment bag or a clear long under the bed bin to store all your Holiday wrapping items. Storing all the necessary items such as scissors, double sided tape, ribbons and cards in the same place makes it easier to wrap your gifts the following year.

You now have some tools on how to store seasonal decorations. For those of you who are not yet organizing ninjas, I really encourage you to begin your organizing journey by decluttering and storing your holiday decor. It’s a great way to start the year.

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