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  • Katy Winter

Why do Organizers Label Everything?

To label or not to label? The answer is simple, YES. Bins without labels always turn into dumping grounds. They look pretty on a shelf, and it’s an easy way to hide odds and ends before company arrives or when you are doing your daily upkeep. But when there is a label saying “Tape and Glue” it makes everyone think twice before they put pens and pencils inside that container. Labeling is a way to make sure everyone is on board. And it keeps you accountable as well. I often hear clients say, “I know where everything is. I know what’s in that closet.” But when we pull out everything from the closet they are undoubtedly surprised with what was lurking in the deep dark corners of the closet. Shock prevails in the “reveal” stage when we take everything out from a location.  Yes organizers love labels, and they come in all forms and sizes. We make block letter kid friendly labels, we hand-write directly on clear containers, and we use vinyl labeling machines to make custom labels. We do this because it works and it keeps you honest. It doesn’t matter how you decide to label your bins, just do it!

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