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  • Katy Winter

Where is the Relationship Between Before and After Photos?

Reality shows create the illusion of a magical difference with before and after clips, but these are not enduring changes. It's not realistic to expect a drastic change in your home, unless you are going to change some fundamental habits.  The best way to address these habits is with the relationship that you develop with your professional organizer while editing your home.   I had so much fun watching The Home Edit's new series. They use functional and beautiful organizing products and utilize the rainbow colors in every aspect of their system. But... it's important to remember that to maintain a space you should be part of the organizing process. There are some things we can do ourselves, such as merchandising shelves and applying labels and finishing touches, but to really organize your home it should be customized for you and with you. We believe it's important to be present when working with your organizer. Help make decisions that only you would know.  Lasting change requires sharing the fundamentals of organizing with your clients. 

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