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  • Katy Winter

Taking the time to Reflect

My daughter had her Bat Mitzvah this month. I can still  remember all the details of my Bat Mitzvah. I remember standing on the bima when my Dad stood next to me and presented his speech. I remember everything he said, and how proud it made me feel. Whether it’s a Bat Mitzvah, Quince, Sweet 16 or just a special double digit birthday, there is something so special and magical about stopping to reflect on your teenager. It is heartwarming when you review the photos and think about how much your child has grown and changed.  It is a moment when you can ignore the eye rolling and revel in the magic of your child.  

A popular part of the Bat Mitzvah celebration is a montage of photos set with music in the background.  It was a challenge to encapsulate thirteen years of my daughter’s life into 150 favorite photos. But now that I have completed my montage (and thankfully all my photos were organized!), I find myself  watching it over and over again, with tears pooling in my eyes. My little chubby baby girl is now a teenager. The ball is in her court. I will always be coaching and watching over her shoulder, but the days of directing her when to bathe, when to brush her teeth, what to eat, what to wear are diminishing. She gets to determine her path as a teenager on her way to  becoming a young adult. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the world!

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