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  • Katy Winter

Snapshots from Gina: Organize or Digitize? How to get the best of both worlds!

We  live in a digital age where all photos and videos are on our phones. Once upon a time, when our cameras were Nikons or Kodaks, we captured our favorite moments on film,  which we later developed and put in albums or, more often,  stuffed into boxes.   When you open the box,  you feel overwhelmed, and close it.

We all have these photos somewhere. That's where we come in!

We recently worked with a client to sort her photographs  into categories. We sorted and sorted - at times laughing so hard alongside our  reminiscing client.  From the categories we created (i.e. college years, vacations, weddings, Christmas, before kids, by family member, etc.)  we then decided:which groups of photos to keep and storewhich photos to place in frames in her home and which groups of photos she wanted me to scan, digitize, and create into photo books So what did we do with all the photos we categorized to store? See the picture below! We placed each category of photograph into labeled sections of a photo box. Now, precious memories are labeled and accessible for easy viewing. No more unsightly box of loose photographs. 

While this client wanted to physically store some of her older photos, another amazing option is to digitize all of your old photographs so that they are organized online into clearly labeled albums, backed up for safe keeping, and always at your fingertips just a click away (this is a service I am happy to provide!). The great thing about this? You can toss your old photos and know that you have them safely stored online!

I find that organizing old photographs is a "back burner" project - the projects you wish you had time for, but never seem to fit in your schedule.  These “back burner” projects are the ones  that bring us the most joy once completed. Let us help you with this process!


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