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  • Katy Winter

Put Your Skin in the Game

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Dr. Whitney Bowe and I live in the same town and have mutual friends. We were introduced at a dinner party years ago, and I started following her. I was immediately attracted to her obvious beauty and positive nature. As I started following her on social media, I enjoyed learning about her philosophies on skin, dermatology and overall wellness. There are so many products that clutter the shelves of pharmacies and even organic beauty sections leaving us with too many decisions and unsure of which products to trust. She breaks down all the new trends in an understandable and helpful way from the benefits of collagen to healthy eating. 

A couple years ago, I started getting a very dry patch of skin around my mouth. It was itchy and very noticeable. I have always had good skin, and this was the first time I had an issue.  I went to several doctors who put me on strong antibiotics, cortisones, and ointments. Nothing worked. Then I found a Dr. Bowe post on how stress can show up on your skin, especially around your mouth. BINGO! I knew that this was exactly what happened to me. I was stressed, and my skin confirmed it. Now I am convinced that your overall wellness affects your skin. Sleep, stress, food are just as important as finding and applying the best products. 

So why did I want to be a Bowe Glow Ambassador? I love supporting women in business, and I love supporting anything that makes women, especially moms, feel better.  As a mom of three, I think it’s always challenging to find the time to take care of yourself. Dr. Bowe inspires me to make time to create that #boweglow. One brand new tool that she’s sharing is her Bowe Glow Boot Camp – you can check it out right here! I’m loving it to stay motivated, and focused especially during these unprecedented times. Of course, one of the key ingredients to making changes in your routine is organization. If you set yourself up for success, you will have a better chance of changing a habit.

  • Simplify your beauty routine. When I am organizing for clients, I find an abundance of beauty products and yet when I ask the clients what they actually use, most frequently it’s only one or two products. Select your favorites, check expiration dates and discard the others.  Keep it simple and consistent. 

  • Skin Healthy Foods. Dr. Bowe believes in introducing skin healthy foods into your daily routine such as berries, antioxidants, low GI Foods, nuts and seeds, and collagen. She enjoys daily low sugar smoothies where she can add these skin healthy ingredients. 

  • Create a Smoothie Station. Make sure your blender is easily accessible. Keep all your smoothie ingredients together in the same location. You can even prepare by assembling the ingredients for your future smoothies ahead of time and store in freezer bags (I use the large reusable stashers). 

  • Nuts and Seeds. Decant your nuts and seeds into glass canisters. 

  • Meal Planning. This is especially helpful to make sure you are including healthy foods into your weekly menu.

If all else fails, I know the perfect dermatologist for botox!

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