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  • Katy Winter

Playful Playroom

To create a playroom that is functional and enjoyable for kids is important. Some playrooms have expansive built-in cabinets that conceal the toys. While this is a nice option for a shared playroom/ living room, it is not ideal for children. The  hidden toys are often forgotten.  Open shelves allow kids to easily access and enjoy their toys. I always recommend clear shoe boxes or bins to store  the little pieces. Label the outside of the bins so your kids can be familiar with the letters. Everything should be labeled clearly in block letters. This will help during clean up time even when Dad is watching the kids.

Creating zones in a playroom is a great way to optimize space. Create a reading nook with a bean bag or comfy seating and books on a bookshelf or in a basket.  Create a separate area for dress up. A craft table can become a lego table as your kids grow.  Your playroom will evolve as your kids mature and their interests change. Try to keep all your like items together. Common categories are:  Board games, building, cars, trains, dolls, stuffed animals. These suggestions will promote fun for your children and order for your home.

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