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  • Katy Winter

Permission to Toss

Humans are collectors by nature. Little kids love collecting shells on the beach or little pebbles and rocks. It feels good to collect, and it is a habit that follows us throughout life. We become attached to our collections as well as favorite toys or blankets. They serve to help us hold onto a special moment or memory. 

When we begin an organizing journey, we take the time to evaluate how we want our spaces to look and feel. What is the path for the future? How much of the past do we want to bring into our future?  And the same question always comes up, what about the gift that I don’t want anymore? Would discarding it hurt the giver’s feelings? Or the expensive outfit I bought and didn’t wear? It feels wasteful.  There is an answer: Give yourself permission to toss. If it doesn’t work into your future, it’s okay to pass it along to someone else who might treasure it. If your collections are hidden in a cabinet collecting dust, what’s the point of the collection? Display the collections that you love, and bequeath the others.  Forgive yourself for making some purchasing mistakes. Out of sight, out of mind!

Hang on to the things that you treasure, but relieve yourself of clutter, unused and outgrown items. It will allow you the space for a future of happiness. 

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