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  • Katy Winter

Let's Get Movin'

Summer is upon us, heat waves are sweeping NY, mornings feel lazier, the days are longer, moods are on the upswing and it’s moving season.  We had some very eventful moves this month. Why would you hire an organizer for a move? Moving is stressful and things do not always go as planned. An organizer gives an element of order and peace of mind to a very chaotic process. There are so many pieces that have to go perfectly in order for a move to succeed scotch free. 

1.) Movers show up on time 

2.) Nothing is damaged during the move 

3.) All prior construction is finished

4.) You have the energy (physically and emotionally) to unpack all the boxes

5.) You have a plan for putting away everything

I wrote physically and emotionally because that means you have to see and address all your belongings. That is no easy feat. One of our clients gasped as we were unpacking, "I am sickened by all my stuff. I thought I had completely edited, but I can't believe how much stuff we own." That is not atypical. When you physically unpack a box of clothes and realize you have fifteen more boxes of clothes to unpack it can be unsettling.

And then there are the junk drawers you were hoping would disappear before the move. They always end up at the bottom of the boxes. All those misc papers, random pens and pencils, never used tools, singleton batteries, game board pieces you were planning on returning to the boxes. 

The good news, we LOVE unpacking.  Even during a complete construction zone with thirty men working on a flat the same time the team of movers came to unload the boxes, we were able to unpack, organize into all the built-ins, and create a beautifully organized space for this lovely family to enjoy. Did everything go as expected? No, the client did not anticipate the construction to be continuing while the boxes were being delivered. But we did offer peace of mind and an element of calm for the owners.  And it was our pleasure.

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