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  • Katy Winter

Let Organizing Go Viral

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

We are all in this strange uncertain time. It’s challenging our businesses, our sanity, our marriages and our parenting. But, this will pass. Hopefully sooner than later. And in the meantime let organizing go viral.

Instead of TV binging, let’s try purging your clutter. Tackle one category and then another, and you will find it’s infectious. But it has a cure!  Since we are forced to be at home with our families, let’s make it a family affair. “Many hands make light work” and speeds up the process. While you are quarantined, let’s use the opportunity in the most productive way by focusing on organizing projects in our homes. Start small, organizing will generate its own momentum. The by-product is not only a perfectly pleasing and inviting environment, but it is something you CAN accomplish when we feel like time has stopped.

How to get started?

First, let’s get the whole family on board. Hold a family meeting and discuss the trouble zones. Since your kids are available, I suggest starting with the kid bedrooms. Kids are really only interested in their “stuff”. If you start with their rooms, and end up with a product that excites them, they are more likely to help you with common areas. I am going to provide instagram tips every day for new ideas on how to conquer these areas. We are in this together.

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