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  • Katy Winter

Is Winter Cleaning the New Spring Cleaning?

When the snow melts and the days warm, you will see many articles with tips on “spring cleaning.” And we all feel the pressure to clean the house from top to bottom. But all I want to do in the spring is be outside, enjoying long walks or hikes. The last thing I want to do is stay inside and clean my house. I think that Winter cleaning should replace Spring Cleaning.

This winter I find myself cloistered at home and still unsure of this strange Omicron environment. This is the time to tear my house apart inch by inch. I made a list of tasks, and I find great satisfaction in crossing them off. There really are no excuses since the weather is depressing, and I have nothing left to watch on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney or Amazon Prime. I urge you to join me in my efforts. Come Spring, I anticipate an awakening of the soul, and I will spend all my time outdoors and with friends and family. But for now, I want to make my house a place where I am proud to invite visitors and in the process, I will achieve a sense of accomplishment.

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