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  • Katy Winter

Is More Space a Blessing or a Curse

Many people are migrating to the suburbs. They are giddy with the new storage space that a larger residence offers. Is this new space a blessing or a curse? Sometimes the extra space hinders people from making good choices about what they need and what brings them joy. Resist the urge to fill every shelf and closet. You can use the extra space to see the things that you use often instead of overcrowding items on shelves and in drawers. It is the same as a department store. When clothing is crowded on racks it’s more of a scavenger hunt than a joyful shopping experience. Upscaled retail stores place their merchandise thoughtfully and sparingly. The same holds true for your walk in closet or your kitchen. It’s more joyful to look into a cabinet and find what you want at a glance instead of searching through clutter.

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