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  • Katy Winter

Home Sweet Home

Recently I listened to Marc Brackett talk about his book, Permission to Feel. He encourages us to be emotion ”investigators” instead of emotion “ judges”. I was struck how directly this applies to organizing. We often judge ourselves very harshly. During an initial phone consultation, potential clients usually start the call by apologizing to me. Then they warn me that their home is messy.  An organizer does not look at a home and see it as a disaster and judge the person seeking help. We see each job as a challenge and evaluate it from an organizing “investigator” perspective. This family lived a wonderful, full life, but now they are ready to pare down and start the next phase. Another family with adventurous and creative  young children needs a new solution for toy storage and art supplies. Organizing allows you to release the negative, guilty feelings about mess, and allows you to feel love and appreciation for your house. Your home keeps your warm and dry, and provides the space to make memories and raise a family. Simple organizing solutions can bring back the joy of home sweet home.

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