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  • Katy Winter

Halloween is around the corner, but don't get spooked by what lurks under your kitchen sink!

In the dank haunted hole under your sink, we find pipes and sometimes strange odors. There are all kinds of mysterious chemicals or cleaning products and you might not remember witch to keep and witch to toss. So they hide in the dark depths of this under the sink underworld.  This Halloween, picture yourself as the grim reaper leading old sponges, wires, half used bottles to their eternal grave.  How to get started? 

*Carve out time (while pumpkin seeds are roasting) to empty the contents. 

*Wipe away all the cobwebs and demons under your sink. Leave an open container of baking soda to absorb any ghastly odors.

*The area under your kitchen sink is easily accessible.  Take stock of what you use daily in your kitchen.  

*There are companies such as SuperNatural that provide you with glass bottles and ship small vials of essential oils to mix with water.  This simplifies your products and saves space. Another space saver is decanting your dishwasher pods into an adhoc jar.

*There is usually a lot of vertical space under a sink with piping going down the center. It's perfect for either two lazy susans, if you have tall bottles to store, or you can use a risers to maximize space.

*Make sure to take very careful measurements before you start looking for organizing bins or lazy susans.

It's much easier than you think and you will be done before you say BOO!

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