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  • Katy Winter

Boggled by Books

Have you found your books cascading off your bookshelf? Are they stacking up in piles on your floor?  The best way to tackle you book problem is to first separate your books into these two categories: Friends and Strangers.

Friends are books that are your favorites; books that evoke memories and warm feelings. Friends are also books that were given to you by someone special or on your must read list.

Strangers are novels that were passed on by your friend or Aunt or Uncle that you never had any interest in reading. Strangers can also be old textbooks that are outdated, books in bad condition, or unhelpful self-help books. It’s time to unload these unfortunate ones by discarding these Strangers from your shelves where they are collecting dust.

I suggest to my clients to start with one section at a time and try to locate the Strangers. If you try to tackle one book at a time, you might find yourself overthinking your decisions.  After your books are weeded, have some fun turning your Friends in different directions and displaying mixed with vases or framed pictures making your shelves more visually pleasing.

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Jul 11, 2019

My husband won’t part with his books!

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