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  • Katy Winter

Finishin’ the Mission

If one of your goals during quarantine was to reorganize your home, 2021 is the time to finish the mission. The reality is that we are stuck in our homes for a bit longer while vaccines continue to roll out. Decluttering is like a chapter book. You can pick it up and then put it down, and then pick it up again. Organizing does not have to be a marathon event. If you have put it aside for the holidays and acquired new things, now is a great time to get back on the horse. Here are some easy things you can start now.

Chores We Often Forget to do:

  • It’s important to take inventory of what you have. Many products, like makeup, have expiration dates. It’s very common to hang onto makeup. Styles and makeup palettes change. Periodically toss the old and refresh your supply.

  • Another neglected spot in most homes is the medicine cabinet. You will be surprised by how many of your medications have expired. Remember to check all your medication locations. People tend to keep medication in bathrooms, kitchens, desk drawers and handbags.

  • Remember to check the expiration dates on your spices in the kitchen, as well as cleaning products under the kitchen sink.

  • Discarding old linens and towels is also a neglected task. Two sets of linens per bed is enough. Linen closets should not be stuffed with blankets, towels and sheets that have not been used in years.

  • For the ambitious: Closets get extremely dusty and the most effective way to clean your closet shelves is to take everything out, dust off the shoe boxes, wipe the shelves with a damp cloth, and put everything back.

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