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  • Katy Winter

An Organizer's Day as an Archeologist

We went on a family vacation to Israel over Winter Break. One of our family activities was to Dig for a Day at a 2,000 year old excavation sites.  Based in Beit Guvrin National Park, the site operates as a full-fledged research project supervised by archeologists. As an organizer of current homes, the process for archeologists has many similarities! Just like organizing, they slowly take everything out by shoveling and sifting through dirt to search for any evidence of pottery, bones, jewelry or coins. Next they sort all the uncovered treasures into categories. Then they discard anything that is too small or of no value. So it’s not surprising that this activity was especially fun for me. I love sorting and looking for treasures. I was absolutely fascinated by what was left behind.  Uncovering untold stories of history with your own hands is thrilling. We found a perfume bottle and part of an urn. Our particular hole was part of an offering section and we found burnt animal bones. Scientists were able to determine that the bones were from well-fed animals which had been used in sacrificial offerings. WOW! 

It made me think about what we have in our homes. If something happened, and our world was destroyed, what would people discover and analyze about our lives in 2,000 years? Maybe in my next life, I will up my history game and take some archeology courses! 

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