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  • Katy Winter

An Organized Way to Help the Planet

An organized home really begins with limiting what you bring into your home. Shopping with purpose reduces clutter, saves money and helps the planet. Becoming a more mindful consumer is a big task for busy families during a pandemic. Refillery is a new business in Northern Westchester created by Jessica Paschkes. Refillery is a local retail service with a mission to reduce plastic waste and excess packaging. 90 % of plastic gets trashed and ends up in the ocean. So what do you do when you run out of hand or dish soap? REFILLERY is a service that refills products using bottles like a mason jars or clean empty sauce jars. Jessica sources and tests all the products with the highest standards. The refills come in three categories, laundry, kitchen and personal care. The products are non-toxic, all natural and dye free. Yes, we like the convenience of Amazon, but we are polluting the planet with so much excess plastic mailers and boxes. What’s more convenient? Having a local eco shop that services our community. REFILLERY is online and mobile and offers other sustainable products. You can order through the site and choose local delivery options. My favorite product is the Lavendar body lotion!

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